Benefits of Bulk SMS to your Business

One way of promoting one’s business is with bulk SMS. A lot of business owners are skeptical about utilizing SMS in their marketing campaigns because they think that it is intrusive or only ideal for certain businesses, such as ringtone providers. However, they are missing out on a marketing channel that can be beneficial for their business.


SMS is an effective marketing tool because it reaches the consumer on their mobile phone, which is the most personal communication device. It is also more affordable than other conventional advertising channels. Bulk SMS service is used by businesses to retain current customers via personalized birthday greetings, payment confirmations, and appointment reminders. It can also be used to promote special offers and sales.


Bulk SMS can benefit all types of businesses, such as financial institutions, service companies, hospitality industry, and retail outlets. The service is used to increase brand awareness and provide value added value services to customers. It is utilized for bolstering direct sales and to acquire new customers.


Bulk SMS in Nigeria can be used to keep in touch with current customers. You already possess the contact information of the customer, so you need to use it to your advantage. Most businesses don’t follow through with their customers. SMS can be a powerful marketing tool that will allow a business reach out to customers and let them know about special offers and events.


Bulk SMS messaging is a cost effective method of conveying a business’ message to consumers. It is less expensive than direct marketing to let people know about promos and deals. If you can’t afford the costs of direct mailing, then you should consider getting a bulk SMS service. It is cheaper and more effective.


Bulk SMS messages can make a business’ marketing campaign more effective. Studies have suggested that marketing campaigns become more successful if various channels are utilized. If you need to promote a sale or a special event, you can get maximum results with the use of different channels, such as email, direct mail, phone, blogs, and bulk SMS. When compared to email, bulk SMS in Nigeria has higher click through rate. Majority of SMS messages are read and more than half of text messages are remembered.


Bulk SMS can be used as a targeted form of marketing. Businesses can target their campaigns to specific consumers. This provides high redemption rates. Businesses can also create lists that can generate high levels of conversions for future marketing campaigns.


Bulk SMS is fast. Businesses can reach the customers as soon as the message is sent. The average time that SMS reaches the receiver is less than seven seconds. While other marketing campaigns are also fast, they are incomparable to the quickness of SMS.

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