Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use your cheap bulk SMS service?

You have to create an account on this platform to use our SMS service. It takes less than one (1) minutes to create an account. It is absolutely free. Click 'Register', fill the spaces and submit the registration form. You need to activate the account. After then, you will be able to log-in and start sending messages.


How do I get Free SMS units to test your website?

After creating an account, you will see 5 FREE units of SMS to use. The free SMS is for a test to a GSM number.


How do I send a message?

It is as simple as ABC. Log-in to see boxes for Sender ID, Destination Numbers, and Message. Copy and paste or type the recipients' phone numbers you want to send the message to. Enter your customized Sender ID, type the message and click Send SMS. After then, you get the message delivered immediately.


What is Sender ID?

A sender ID is a customized name. This is what the recipients see on their phones when they receive your message. For instance,  the SENDER ID of a bank is the name you see on the bank's text message. Your own Sender ID could be your personal name. It could be the name of your business. You can use any name of your choice. It must not be figures/numbers alone. Sender ID should not be more than 11 characters.


What is the cost of a page of SMS?

Our prices are the cheapest. We use a flexible pricing idea on our website. The price reduces as the volume increases. It means that the higher the volume, the lower the price. You will see thetable for prices when you click PRICES.


How do I see your bank account details?

We have our bank account details on the page for PRICES


How long does it take to get my account credited?

You will be credited immediately when your payment reflects in our bank account if you use your username to make payment. You can click Deposit Notification and use the appropriate transaction notification form to submit your payment details if you don't use your username to make payment or if your account is not credited within 15 minutes.


What is the expiry time for your SMS units?

Our cheap bulk text messaging units do not expire. It will remain in your account for as long as it takes you to finish it.


How do I see my balance?

Log-in to your bulk SMS account and you will see your balance. You can also click Compose SMS to see your balance whenever you want to see it


Is there a limit to the volume I can send SMS to?

No limit. You can send a text message to as many numbers as you want. The balance of your SMS units is your limit.


What phone number format can I use?

The phone numbers must be on Notepad (text file). You need to separate them with a comma or arranged in a column form. Our application will sort the numbers and get the message delivered. The numbers must be typed in either of the following formats: 0803000000 or 2348030000000. Please, do not make a mistake of using the format like 8030000000 or +23408030000000. Otherwise, your message will not be delivered and you cannot get a refund.


Why do I have to enter my phone number to use your service?

We need your phone number to update you. Please note, not for any other purpose. We do not sell or share users' phone numbers. It is illegal.


What is the least volume I can buy?

The least volume of SMS units you can buy through a cash deposit or transfer is 500. We accept payment of N500 upward. Any amount less than N500 will be ignored.


What can I do if I forget my password?

You can click on Forgot Your Password below the login form. Enter your account's e-mail address to reset your password.


The message I sent has not delivered. What can I do?

Please, contact us if your message is not delivered within 5 minutes.


Is there any other question?

Please, call our customer care telephone number to ask your questions for better understanding and clarification.

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