CheapestbulkSMSinNigeria.Com is the leading bulk SMS Service provider in Nigeria with a guaranteed delivery to all the GSM networks in Nigeria. Our SMS platform is the most reliable bulk SMS website with a customized sender ID. Bulk SMS Nigeria website is the platform where you get a dependable and low-priced text messaging service. Our SMS delivery rate to all GSM networks is 100%.


Your SMS account balance will be remaining the same as long as it does not get exhausted. So, buy a specific amount of SMS today and continue to use it till the account gets exhausted or wait until it is deemed for purchasing more. Our reliable SMS prices are stable and SMS units do not expire on our platform.


Bulk SMS in Nigeria

We all possess knowledge that there are several portals of bulk SMS on the web that are managed and owned entirely by Nigerians. But our portal is quite different from others as the delivery route of our portal is unique. The service providers of the international gateway are dealt with directly by our portal as direct routes are used for delivering bulk SMS in Nigeria. The amount that you spend is given value and the results desired by you will be achieved successfully.


Bulk SMS Service

Our primary aim is providing the most trustworthy and cheapest bulk SMS service in Nigeria, and we go beyond our best for rendering cheap and stable SMS service in Nigeria.


How To Buy Bulk SMS

We accepts money transfer through mobile as a method of making deposits. Other methods such as ATM transfer, cash deposit, Cheque deposit and all other means of making transfer are accepted.


Deposit of Cash

The method of writing your username, in the section for “Depositor Name” on the deposit slip of Zenith Bank or GTBank.

Before the USERNAME, that is, the depositor name, you have to write BB. That means the creation of your bulk SMS account on The username is the particular account which is to be credited on

For example, you can assume that the username on this website is ADELOVE. BB ADELOVE will be written as the name of the depositor when filling deposit slip in the bank. After the confirmation of the payment from our end, your SMS account will be credited.


Banking Transfer Through Online

What has to be done when you are making an online bank transfer?

Before the USERNAME, you have to type BB in the space given for Purpose/Reference/Remark/Description/Narration, depending on the bank, when you are processing the transfer. BB implies that you created your SMS account on while the USERNAME is the account that has to be credited


For example, if you assume that your username is ADELOVE on this site, then you will be typing BB ADELOVE in that space for Purpose/Reference/Remark/Description/Narration, depending on the bank, when processing the transfer. ADELOVE account will be then credited on after the confirmation of the payment.


Kindly use any of our corporate bank account details given below for payment purposes.

This is our GTBank account details for payment purposes.

Bank Name: GTBank

Account Name: Derams And Realities World

Account Number: 0011422586



Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria. This is our Zenith Bank account details.

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account Name: Derams And Realities World

Account Number: 1013993000



Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Derams And Realities World's Tax Identification Number (TIN): 11302777-0001


The service timing of customer care

Text Messages: +234 803 420 7834 (Sunday - Monday | 7:00AM - 10:00 PM)

Telephone Calls: +234 703 314 1373 ( Monday - Friday | 9:00AM - 4:00PM)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Monday - Sunday | 7:00AM - 11:00 PM)


Our service is outstanding. Those who are already using our SMS platform are extremely happy with us and will surely let other people know. We will always be offering this type of service with 100% delivery rate. We expect that you will be referring our SMS platform to your friends, family and relatives.

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