Cheap Bulk SMS - Cheapest Bulk SMS from 76kobo in Nigeria

Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria offers the most reliable and best customer-friendly text messaging gateway to Nigerians. You can send cheap bulk SMS to all GSM networks in Nigeria at the rate of 76kobo per unit of SMS. Instant SMS messaging to all Nigeria telecoms provider is guaranteed. Create a bulk SMS account with us today. is the leading bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria. We provide cheap SMS solutions to your text messaging needs. Offering you the fastest, cheapest and reliable text messaging makes us feel satisfied. We deliver bulk text messages to all networks across Nigeria at cheap rates. Our bulk SMS service can be deployed for:

  • Transaction alert
  • Campaign
  • Notification messages
  • Product awareness
  • Birthday Invitation
  • Wedding Invitation
  • Reminder messages
  • Launching, etc.

Instant Text Messages Delivery sends SMS instantly to all networks. Our cheap SMS gateway delivers text messages in less than 2 seconds.

You can use an internet-enabled device to send messages on this platform. It simply means that you can use a mobile phone, tablet and/or computer (laptop or desktop) to send SMS messages.

Secured and Well-protected is a well-protected SMS website. We use modern technologies and top-notch developers who are security experts, working day and night.

Simple and Easy To Use
Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria has a user-friendly SMS interface. It is very easy and simple to use. It does not require any special skill before you can send SMS messages.


Lowest Rate offers competitive prices without compromising customers' expected quality service. Our platform uses different SMS units to deliver a page of text SMS (160 characters) to all GSM networks in Nigeria. We remain the cheapest bulk SMS provider in Nigeria for 8 consecutive years.

First-Class Customer Support Service
Our customer support team works 24/7 (working around the clock) to ensure that you have stress-free SMS experience on our text-messaging website.


Register now, to test our SMS service with free SMS units.


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