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Bulk SMS Prices for Promotional SMS (Usual Bulk SMS) And Corporate Route (DND Route)

SMS Quantity Range in Units

& Price Per Unit

Cheapest Bulk SMS

Cost in Naira

500 - 999 Units @ 0.88k/Unit
₦440 - ₦879
1,000 - 99,999 Units @ 0.76k/Unit
₦760 - ₦75,999
100,000 - 5,999,999 @ 0.76k/Unit
₦76,000 - ₦4,559,999
6,000,000 - 9,999,999 @ 0.74k/Unit
₦4,440,000 - ₦7,399,999
10,000,000 - Upward @ 0.74k/Unit₦7,400,000 & above
Bulk SMS Cost Analysis for Promotional SMS (Usual Bulk SMS)
The table below shows the cost you incur on every page of online SMS you send on the usual bulk SMS route.
GSM OperatorsUnits ChargeCost of A Page @ 76k/Unit
9mobile Nigeria
2.5 units/page0.76k x 2.5 units = ₦1.90
(per page of SMS)
MTN Nigeria
3.2 units/page0.76k x 3.2 units = ₦2.40
(per page of SMS)
Glo Nigeria
2.7 units/page0.76k x 2.7 units = ₦2.05
(per page of SMS)
Airtel Nigeria
3.5 units/page0.76k x 3.5 units = ₦2.66
(per page of SMS)
Bulk SMS for Corporate Route (DND Route)
Good News! Good News!! Good News!!!
We are glad to inform you that we have a process to follow and a list of documents to submit for your customized SENDER ID and messages to be delivered to the numbers on Do-Not-Disturb (DND) if you need our Bulk SMS Service for the following purposes/businesses:
1) Commercial Banks
2) Micro Finance Banks
3) Insurance
4) Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs)
5) Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), etc.


Bulk SMS Cost Analysis for Corporate Route (DND Route)

Study the cost analysis table below for clarification and a better understanding of how we charge for a page of SMS to each GSM network on the DND route.

The table will also show you the cost you incur on every page of online text messages you send on the DND route.

GSM OperatorsUnits ChargeCost of A Page @ 76k/Unit
9mobile Nigeria
4 units/page76 kobo x 4 units = ₦3.00
(per page of SMS)
MTN Nigeria
4 units/page76 kobo x 4 units = ₦3.00
(per page of SMS)
Glo Nigeria
4 units/page76 kobo x 4 units = ₦3.00
(per page of SMS)
Airtel Nigeria
4 units/page76 kobo x 4 units = ₦3.00
(per page of SMS)


We offer the affordable SMS messaging service that you need to send online SMS within Nigeria. The prices of our SMS are from 0.76kobo to 0.88kob0 per unit of SMS, depending on the quantity. We accept a minimum of N500 payment for SMS.

Cheapestbulksmsinnigeria.com uses different SMS units to send a page of SMS in Nigeria. We made a special provision for Bulk SMS Service at a flat rate to serve you better.

You can buy 1000 bulk SMS units upward now at 0.76k/SMS. The higher the quantity of SMS you buy, the lower the price per unit.

Click PRICES to get more details on the cost-related issues.


Why You Need To Use Our SMS Messaging Service

Immediate Online SMS Delivery

Our SMS messaging system delivers SMS to all the GSM networks across Nigeria in less than 2 seconds. Immediate SMS delivery to MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel is guaranteed.

SMS Messaging Device Compatibility
An internet-enabled device is required to send online SMS messages. You can use your regular computer (laptop or desktop), mobile telephone or tablet to send messages on our SMS platform.

Secured and Well-protected SMS Platform
Our online texting platform is a well-protected SMS site. We use modern and top-notch technologies and experienced people who are online security experts, working day and night.

User-friendly SMS Interface
We offer a user-friendly SMS interface. It is easy to use. It does not require any skill before you can send SMS messages on our SMS website.

Cheap Bulk SMS Rate
Cheapestbulksmsinnigeria.com is the best and the only SMS platform where you get reliable Bulk SMS now at discounted prices.

We offer quality Bulk SMS at affordable prices in Nigeria.

Our SMS platforms enable you to enjoy low-cost Bulk SMS messaging services in Nigeria for nine consecutive years.

First-Class SMS Customer Support Service
Our customer support team works tirelessly to ensure you have a stress-free SMS messaging experience on our platform.


You need to Sign-up now for a free SMS account to enjoy the best and the most reliable Bulk SMS in Nigeria.

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