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We heartily greet you tour website where you will get bulk SMS. It is the place where you will be provided with dependable and low-priced services and the delivery rate to every GSM networks is 100% in Nigeria. Along with custom built SENDER ID, bulk SMS in Nigeria is delivered to GSM networks. The account balance will be remaining the same as long as it does not get exhausted. So purchase a specific amount of bulk SMS today and continue to use it till the account gets exhausted or wait until it is deemed for purchasing more Bulk SMS.


We all possess knowledge that there are several portals of bulk SMS on the web that are managed and owned entirely by Nigerians. But our portal is quite different from others as the delivery route of our portal is unique. The service providers of the international gateway are dealt directly by our portal as direct routes are used for delivering bulk SMS in Nigeria. The value that you spend is given value by our SMS website and the results desired by you will be achieved successfully.


 Dear Customers,

Please be informed that "DO NOT DISTURB" (DND) delivery problem affects MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel subscribers because all GSM service providers have implemented the DND policy. Any number on DND will not receive bulk SMS messages from bulk SMS websites. To unsubscribe from DND, please follow the procedure below:

For MTN number, text "Allow" to "2442".

For Etisalat number, text "START " to "2442".

For Glo number, text "CANCEL" to "2442".

For Airtel number, text "ALLOW" to "2442".

Then remove your SIM card after sending the code and insert it back.


To all the VIP members, a minimum of five hundred bulk SMS is sold at the rate of 0.76 kobo. A minimal of thousand bulk SMS is sold to our general users at the rate of 0.83 kobo on our excellent website. This site is useful for both the VIP members and the usual members on


Our primary aim is providing the most trustworthy and Cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria service, and we go beyond our best for rendering cheap and stable service of  Nigeria bulk SMS.


Bulk SMS in Nigeria - Our websites 

There are three distinct bulk SMS sites, and each one of them offers unique prices




For further information, you can check the pricing page


Methods of making payment

Our website no longer accepts money transfer through mobile as a method of making deposits. Other methods such as ATM transfer, cash deposit and online banking methods are accepted.


Deposit of cash

The method of writing your username, in the section for “Depositor Name” on the deposit slip of, ZenithBank or GTBank

Before the USERNAME, that is the depositor name, you have to write BB that means the creation of your SMS account on .The username is the particular account which is to be accepted on

For example, you can assume that the username on this website is ADELOVE. BB ADELOVE will be written as the name of the depositor when the deposit slip will be filled in the bank. After the confirmation of the deposit, the account will be taken on


Banking transfer through online

What has to be done when you are making an online bank transfer?

Before the USERNAME, you have to type BB in the space given for PURPOSE/REFERENCE/REMARK when the transfer is treated. BB implies that you have created your account on while the USERNAME is the account that has to be accepted on For example, if you assume that your username is ADELOVE on this site, then you will be typing BB ADELOVE in that space for PURPOSE/REFERENCE/REMARK when the transfer is processed. This account will be then allowed on after the confirmation of the payment.


You can visit for registering at for becoming our VIP member and the subscription fee for the VIP membership is N2, 500. After this, you can begin to buy bulk SMS at the rate of 0.76kobo each on this Platform.


Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria - The benefits of the VIP members

1. A guaranteed amount of N101, 500 is received by the VIP members on www.247onlineBusiness.Com that can be earned on a monthly basis.

2. You can purchase bulk SMS at the rate of  0.76kobo each on this platform.

Please visit at for further information for knowing the process of becoming VIP members.

To get all the essential details about the pricing, go through the PRICING menu before you begin to use this bulk SMS Nigeria Service.


Kindly use any of our corporate bank account details given below for payment purposes.

This is our GTBank account details for payment purposes.

Bank Name: GTBank

Account Name: Derams And Realities World

Account Number: 0011422586



Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria. This is our Zenith Bank account details.

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account Name: Derams And Realities World

Account Number: 1013993000



Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Derams And Realities World's Tax Identification Number (TIN): 11302777-0001


The service timing of customer care

Phone calls are made from Monday to Friday from 9AM to 4PM. Public holidays are excluded. Text messages can be delivered from Monday to Sunday, and it is a 24/7 service.




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